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This wiki was created to gather all knowledge about games X2 - The Threat and X3 Reunion.

It's primary purpose is to provide informations about modding, scripting, various programs that might help you and technical informations (such as formats of various files).

This site is a wiki. If you don't know what wiki is, read about wiki definition on Wikipedia - the world largest wiki.

Searching for information

The site is divided into two main sections - Scripting and Modding. By clicking at the specified category, you will see a list of arcticles and subcategories.

You can access these sections from the sidebar on the left.

Or you may want to simply search for information using the search box (on the left sidebar). Simply enter the text you are looking for and press one of the buttons:

  • Go - will search for a page title and - if found - it will open the page. Otherwise it will make full text search and show the results.
  • Search - will make a full text search and show the results.


Because this is a wiki, everyone can create and edit pages. Note however, that based on the current settings of this wiki, you may have to create an account in order to be able to add or edit pages.

Regardless of our current editing policy, contributors are encouraged to create their account. Read Why to make an account to learn out why.

To learn how to create and edit pages, read how to edit a page. Then you can either correct or add information on existing pages, or help us create wanted pages.

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