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These are Frequently Asked Questions about X3 ModManager (X3MM).

If you have a problem not listed here, you can report it on X3 ModManager forum on Egosoft boards. Also remember to check the documentation which comes with the software!


When I try to run the X3MM, I have an error saying: Error starting program: (): File not found: x3mmext.dll. But the file is in the same directory?!


You must also install the C runtime and zlib1 library installation which can be found on the same download page as X3MM.

You can install it either to the same directory where X3MM is, or to your system directory (windows\system32 or winnt\system32). The later is better if you also plan to use other doubleshadow's tools as you won't have to install the runtime library again.


I found a virus in your program!


This doesn's seem likely because all programs are scanned. Read about virus issues with doubleshadow's tools for possible reasons.

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