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X2 ModManager

X2 ModManager (X2MM) is a program for managing X2 catalogs.

Its features are:

  • can create, delete, overwrite, rename and view any file within catalog
  • can compress and decompress packed files
  • can activate and deactive active mod for X2


There already were three programs which can work with catalogs:

However they were a bit cumbersome in certain ways:

  • they haven't supported drag & drop (with the exception of X2 Achiver but it was wery specific implementation).
  • they haven't supported overwriting of files
  • they haven't supported viewing of files

Because of these shortcomings and the fact that doubleshadow already had his X2 FileDriver done for X2 Editor, he decided to start writing new program which will try to act as standard file manager.

The intention was not to push away the competitive programs but instead make a complement to them. Doubleshadow was aware that the new program will never be as quick as X2Patch (or others) when packing or unpacking the catalogs. This was due to X2 ModManager dependence on the X2 FileDriver library which was designed for different purpose. Instead X2 ModManager had to be program for maintaining the catalogs.


The lack of speed turned out not to be a major problem for the users, but there were another shortcomings which caused that much of the users were usually using X2 ModManager along with either X2 Archiver of X2 Modder:

  • when unpacking a catalog, all packed files had extension .txt (this caused problems with text resource files and BOD files)
  • similarly when adding files to catalog, all packed files had extension .pck (this caused problems with BOD files which need to have extension .pbd)
  • either all the added files were packed or none of them - X2 ModManager was unable to automatically decide which files to pack

All these problems were solved in successor of X2 ModManager - X3 ModManager for X3 Reunion.

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