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Several people claimed that their antivirus software found virus in one of doubleshadow's programs. [1] [2]

Note that although doubleshadow's tools are downloadable since 2004 (starting with X2 Editor), there have been only several such virus reports although the tools have been downloaded several thousand times.


Reportedly affected programs

Visual Basic runtime libraries, C runtime and zlib1 library installation

These installers are created using Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) and the issues have been settled by re-compiling the installers with newer NSIS version. There have been no virus alerts since then.

The runtime installers now have MD5 checksums available at the download page, so users can verify that the file has not been altered in any way. However this does not guarantee that they don't contain viruses. It is merely a way to verify that the file has not been altered after it was uploaded to the server.

X3 Editor and X3 ModManager patches

These installers are created using NSIS as well. However the source of the virus warnings in this case seems to be VPatch - program for creating patches for files. Given old and new version of a file, it can produce a difference file which can be used to patch the old version to the new one. Such patch file is usually very small and so users don't have to download full version of X3 Editor / X3 ModManager which is becoming bigger and bigger.

It is probably the way VPatch operates which is confusing some antivirus programs: VPatch does modify executable files (the one it's patching) and so do some viruses.

Issues with the patch files have not been settled yet and some antivirus programs will probably still report them as containing viruses.

Users who don't want to risk their system's security can simply wait for new full version of the given program (there are no reported problems with full versions of X3E or X3MM).

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