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Structure of TWare T files:

Note: All Ware files have the same structure.
Field Description
0. Body file Body displayed when the ware is floating in space
Template:Expr:0 + 1. Picture ID Not used
Template:Expr:0 + 2. Rotation X
Template:Expr:0 + 3. Rotation Y
Template:Expr:0 + 4. Rotation Z
Template:Expr:0 + 5. Index
Template:Expr:0 + 6. Description String ID from Page 17 of text resource files
7. Volume
8. Production RelVal (NPC) Price for NPCs (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:8 + 1. Price modifier PRI Primary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:8 + 2. Price modifier SEC Secondary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:8 + 3. Ware class Class (size) of the object - affects which ships can carry it
Template:Expr:8 + 4. Production RelVal (player) Price for the player (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:8 + 5. Min. Notoriety Minimal notoriety the player must have to be able to use this object
Template:Expr:8 + 6. Video ID Stream ID from Videos file containing the animation displayed in the Info screen
Template:Expr:8 + 7. Skin Index to Skins file
Template:Expr:8 + 8. Object ID Identifier of the object

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