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Structure of TLaser T file:

Field Description
0. Body file Body displayed when the weapon is floating in space
Template:Expr:0 + 1. Picture ID Name of Body file which is displayed in the Info screen
2. Turret speed vertical
3. Turret speed horizontal
4. Turret speed z-axis
5. Index 1
6. Description String ID from Page 17 of text resource files
7. Rate of fire
8. Sound
9. Projectile Projectile fired by this weapon - index to TBullets file. Note that this was not known at the time of X2
10. Energy How much energy does the weapon have
11. Charge rate In percents per second (0.5 = 50% per second will be restored)
12. Volume How much space the object occupy
Template:Expr:12 + 1. Price Not real price as seen in the game
Template:Expr:12 + 2. Price modifier (1)
Template:Expr:12 + 3. Price modifier (2)
Template:Expr:12 + 4. Ware class Class (size) of the object - affects which ships can carry it
Template:Expr:12 + 5. Object ID Identifier of the object

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