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Structure of TBullets T file:

Field Description
0. Body file Body of the projectile
Template:Expr:0 + 1. Picture ID Not used
Template:Expr:0 + 2. Rotation X
Template:Expr:0 + 3. Rotation Y
Template:Expr:0 + 4. Rotation Z
Template:Expr:0 + 5. Galaxy subtype Not used
Template:Expr:0 + 6. Description String ID from Page 17 of text resource files
7. Shield damage Damage done to shields
8. Energy used In energy units per shot?
9. Launch (or impact?) sound Index to Sounds file
10. Lifetime Lifetime of the projectile in milliseconds
11. Speed Speed of the projectile. Range is function of lifetime and speed
12. Bullet flags See Bullet flags below
13. RGB (B) Blue glow effect modifier
14. RGB (G) Green glow effect modifier
15. RGB (R) Red glow effect modifier
16. Rapid Size X Width of bullet collision area
17. Rapid Size Y Height of bullet collsion area
18. Rapid Size Z Length of bullet collision area
19. Engine Effect Index to Effects file
20. Impact effect Index to Effects file
21. Launch effect Index to Effects file
22. Hull damage Damage done to hull
23. Engine Trail
24. Ambient sound Sound of the projectile when flying - index to Sounds file
25. 3D Sound Vol Min
26. 3D Sound Vol Max
27. Ammo Ware used as ammo - index to TWareT or 128 (?) for energy weapons
28. Production RelVal (NPC) Price for NPCs (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:28 + 1. Price modifier PRI Primary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:28 + 2. Price modifier SEC Secondary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:28 + 3. Ware class Class (size) of the object - affects which ships can carry it
Template:Expr:28 + 4. Production RelVal (player) Price for the player (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:28 + 5. Min. Notoriety Minimal notoriety the player must have to be able to use this object
Template:Expr:28 + 6. Video ID Stream ID from Videos file containing the animation displayed in the Info screen
Template:Expr:28 + 7. Skin Index to Skins file
Template:Expr:28 + 8. Object ID Identifier of the object

Bullet flags

The Bullet flags field can have any combination of the following flags:

1 PAC Unk - set on SS_BULLET_PR_BETA (Beta Particle Accelerator Cannon bullet)
2 Beam The bullet is a continuous beam
4 ZigZag Set on SS_BULLET_FLASH (Ion Disruptor bullet) - seems to produce a zig-zag effect
8 Areal Set on SS_BULLET_WIDE_* (Alpha Phased Shockwave Generator bullets)
16 ION Unk - set on SS_BULLET_FLASH (Ion Disruptor bullet)
32 Ignore shields Do not affect shields
46 Use ammo Consume the ware specified by Ammo index
128 Repair Weapon will repair instead of damage the target
256 Flak Unk - set on SS_BULLET_FLAK_* (Flak Artillery Array bullets)

Multiple flags are added using bitwise OR operation.

For example a Repair Laser bullet has flags: Reapir | Beam | Ignore shields which is:

128 OR 2 OR 32 = 162

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