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This is a program to allow easy installing of custom ships. The ship creator is used to create the ship files and import data from existing mods. The creator imports the ships data from the various files created by the X3 Editor, TShips, Dummies, Components and TCockpits.

You will find help and various guides available from the Main Plugin manager site Here 
Any problems with installing ships, please post here: 

For more details, please view the main pluginmanager site

The installer can merge multple ships into a single mod and add them onto an existing mod. The program is capable of merging the Tships, Dummies, Components and TCockpits file. The program will also automatically select the newly created mod as the main one to load.

The scripts package that is included with load the created text file, and contains a script to get the id for each ship based on a text id. Code:

$shiptype = call script 'plugin.shipcreator.getship' ID = 'SHIP_ID' 
$newShip = create ship $shiptype .... 

This will mean that scripts can gain access to these ships no matter what position in TShips there are.

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