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List of music tracks located in soundtrack directory in X3 Reunion.


00007Egosoft loadscreen fanfare
00011Deepsilver load screen
00012Not sure - could be the building a station background
00013played as The end scrolls in when you die
00014Docking music

Sector tunes

00015Install music from X2
00019Paranid Prime, Cloud Base SE, Family Zein
00020Emperor's Ridge, Dukes Vision
00021Bad Debt, Preacher's Refuge, Light Water
00022Rolk's Legacy
00023Loomankstrats Legacy
00024Cardinal's Domain and Nathan's Voyage
00025Herron's Nebula, Antigone Memorial, Ringo Moon
00026Emperor Mines, Fanily Whi, Farnhams Legend
00027Duke's Domain, Preacher's Void, Priest's Pity
00028Trinity Sanctum
00029Lucky Planets
00030Ceo's Doubt
00031Moo Kye's Revenge, Black Hole Sun
00032Power Circle, Cloud Base NW
00033Cloud Base SW
00034Empire's Edge, Priest Rings
00035Emperor's Wisdom, Pontifex's Realm
00036Shore of Infinity
00037Great Trench, New Income
00038Treasure Chest, Mi Ton's Refuge
00039Rolks Drift, 3 Worlds
00040The Hole, Red Light

Dogfighting/Enemy Nearby


I'm not sure what these tracks are. They are essentially a quiet, low rumble - are they engine noises?


Again I'm not sure what these are either, but they are familiar music. I can only think at the moment that they are menu tracks.

03001X2 main theme
03002Menu music?
03003Menu music?
03004Menu music?

Mission music

06000music (don't recognise)
06004music (don't recognise)
06005Intro chase scene I think this is from the Gate Race mission in Farnhams Legend
06006In X2, the intro went from 06005 to 06006 when the chase ended with that argon destroyer...
06012Quiet station background noises
06013It's from X2 when you see the 3 people (one of them Julian) walking towards the TL on the ground in the beginning
06015It's from the space flight in the TP featuring the same 3 people
06019Clicks and buzzes
06023Quiet rumble
06030It's part of the station docked background noise
06031Music from the mission getting Mi Ton on that express in X2
06032Music from the mission getting Mi Ton on that express in X2
06033Music from the mission getting Mi Ton on that express in X2
06070Quiet bells whistles and tinkles - sector ambience?
06112Music from the Scan the Gate (Antigone Memorial) misison from X2
06119Music from the Scan the Gate (Antigone Memorial) misison from X2
06120Music from the Scan the Gate (Antigone Memorial) misison from X2
06131Clicks and beeps station background?
06141Hydraulic movement? station background?
06150Bret Serra's funeral music (X2)
06153Repeat of one of the antigone memorial mission themes (X2)

The following are all very similar peices of battle music that repeat and run into each other. I think they come from the khaak MO battle at the end of X2.

06176Victory music for above mission?
06201is the khaak sector music from X2 (also used in a few random regular sectors)
06205German radio babble -translation of the log entry of Kyle Brennan taken from AP Gunner in X2
06300credits to X2

Sector music new for X3

08100New sector music Argon Prime Peace 1
08101New sector music Kingdom's End (Aaaaaaah!) Peace 2
08102New sector music Peace 3
08103New sector music Peace 4
08104New sector music Home of Light Peace 5
08105New sector music Getsu Fune Peace 6 (Also used in the X3 Teaser Video)
08106New sector music Seizewell Peace 7
08130Battle 1 from the infamous mission 2?
08131Battle 2
08132Battle 3
08133New untitled music, but possibly should be Battle 4
08134Battle 5
08135Earth Orbit Battle
08202Suspense 1
08203Suspense 2
08204Suspense 3
08205Suspense 4
08206Sector music for Xenon Sector 101
08208Short fanfare
08209New music
08210New music
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