How to import a ship with DBOX2

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This mini tutorial will tell you the neccessary steps needed to be able to successfully import a ship scene into 3D Studio Max or gmax with DBOX2.


Extracting the game data

First you will need to extract data from catalog files. Read How to unpack your game with X3 ModManager. You will need to do the steps described in Extracting the files into separate directory aside from X3 game. In short:

  1. You will need to create a separate directory where the data will be extracted to - for example C:\X3 Reunion Unpacked Data.
  2. Next you will extract the game catalogs into that directory using X3 ModManager.
  3. Finally you will need to convert the BOB files into BOD format using X2BC.

Setting up DBOX

Once you have the data extracted into some directory, you can start your 3D modelling software (3ds Max or gmax) and run DBOX2. There you will need to set Data Root path in Global settings rollout to the directory with the extracted data (C:\X3 Reunion Unpacked Data in our example).

That's all. Now you should be able to import any scene file.

See also

Further reading

  • DBOX2 help (<3ds Max>\Help\dbox2.chm)
  • doubleshadow's X3 graphic modding documentation (<3ds Max>\Help\doubleshadow's X3 modding doc.chm)
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