How to create a mod using X3 ModManager and how to put TShips into it

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This tutorial will show you how to create a mod (catalog) with X3 ModManager and how to put TShips file inside.

Note that this procedure applies to all other T files as well - just substitude the name T Ships

Most people new to X3 modding are changing the T files directly in the original catalogs. This is not good because you cannot revert your changes and you may even prevent the game from loading.

Much more elegant way of doing this is to create your own catalog (mod) and use it as your playground.

Extracting the orignal TShips file

Run X3 ModManager and click the Open button. Select catalog located in your main X3 directory.

Note: This is valid only for X3 version 1.4 - future versions may have (and likely will) the valid TShips file located in another catalog (with higher number)

Now you should see list of files inside the catalog. Search for a file named types\TShips.pck. You can use the Filter button and type *tships*. This will filter the window so only files matching the pattern will be displayed.

Right click on the TShips file and select Extract. A dialog will appear when you can specify where to extract the file. Type any location you like (C:\ will do the work ;) ). Uncheck the Preserve file paths option as you don't want to create directories. Click OK. Now you should have the TShips extracted on your disk.

Creating new catalog

Click the New button. A dialog will appear. Make sure that the directory is set to [x3 dir]\mods and type the name of your new catalog (example: Press Open. You will now see empty window (no files). Check that the mod file is really in your [x3 dir]\mods directory (look at X3MM caption).

Now open your file manager (for example Windows Explorer) and locate the TShips file which you have extracted before. You can now drag the file from your file manager and drop it ower the file window in X3MM. Or you can click the Add button in X3MM and select the file from your disk.

A dialog will appear. Now you can specify a directory in which you want to place the file. It this case type 'types' (because the file was originaly located in types directory). Check that the Compress files option is set to Check compression filter and press OK. The file should appear in the window, named types\TShips.pck.

That's it - you have your mod with your file inside.

Remember that when overriding files you must use the same path as in the original files. You cannot put file types\TShips as TShips into your mod and expect it to work. The extensions of the files (or more propery the types of the files) are a bit tricky. Check How X3 is loading files.

Now you can edit the TShips with X3 Editor and change the things you want. Just double-click on the file or run X3 Editor and open the file from your catalog.

How to activate the mod

Click the Mode button so you will see list of catalogs on the left side of X3MM. You should also see your new mod if you have placed it in the correct directory. Right click on the catalog name and select Activate mod. The name should now be displayed in bold and there will be the word Active appended after the catalog name in X3MM caption.

Of course you can also activate the mod via the Select Mod Package button in the X3 startup window.

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