How to convert BOD files to BOB files with X2BC

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This tutorial is about converting BOD (plain text) to BOB (binary) format. If you are looking for the opposite, read How to convert BOB files to BOD files with X2BC.

BOD files are plain text files containing graphics. BOB files are the same but they are storing the information in binary form. This makes them smaller and much quicker to load by X2 and X3. However DBOX2 exports models from 3ds Max in BOD format, so if you want to take advantage of the BOB format, you must first convert the files.

The program to make the conversion is called X2BC. It's a command line program and so it must be run from Windows command line.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will assume that you have X2BC installed in directory C:\X2BC.

First open the command line window - click on Windows Start button and select Run. Type cmd and press enter.

A black window will appear with prompt at the bottom.

Type c:\x2bc\x2bc /? and you will see a help screen with list of all commands.

It looks like this:

X2/X3 BOD compiler/BOB decompiler by Doubleshadow.
BOB decompiler based on work of CheckerTwo.

Usage: x2bc [flags] [input file] [output file]

    -?, --help                  show this help
    -s, --silent                don't ask anything. Assume Yes on questions
        --version               print version information

    -c, --compile               compile BOD to BOB
        --cut                   input BOD contains CUT data
        --bob                   input BOD contains BOB data

    -d, --decompile             decompile BOB to BOD
        --ini <file name>       specify INI file to load
        --frame_warnings[-]     (don't) show user frame warnings
        --xpinfo[-]             (don't) write extra point info
        --x3info[-]             (don't) write extra info stored in X3 BOB1

Assume you have a file named D:\X3 Custom Models\objects\ships\argon\New_argon_M6.bod. To convert (compile) it to BOB type:

 c:\x2bc\x2bc -c --bob "D:\X3 Custom Models\objects\ships\argon\New_argon_M6.bod"

This will create a BOB file at the same location and with the same name, but with extension BOB.

If you want to name the file differently, just specify the destination file name:

 c:\x2bc\x2bc -c --bob "D:\X3 Custom Models\objects\ships\argon\New_argon_M6.bod" c:\test.bob

Note that in both cases, the first file name is in quotes. That's because it contains space characters - everytime your file path contain a space, you need to put it in quotes.

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