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This article describes how to create, edit and structure pages. If you want to know the wiki syntax, read Help:Editing.


How to create a new page

There are three ways of creating new pages:

  • Write the desired page name into address bar of your web browser - for example typing into address bar will show you a page saying that the page with such name don't exist and you can click the edit this page link or the Edit tab at the top of the page.
  • Write the desired page name into the search box and press the Go button. You can then click the link create this page to start writing the page.
  • Edit some existing page and put link to your new (non existing) page. After you will save the page, the link will be shown in red color (like this: non existing page), indicating that the target page does not yet exist. Click on the link to start creating the page (you can try it right now with the above red link - just please don't save the page so it will stay non existing :)

How to edit a page

To start editing a page, just click on the Edit tab at the top of the page. You will see three main sections:

  • the edit window where you can enter the text
  • the summary field - here you should write what you have changed/added (when modifying an existing article)
  • buttons:
    • This is a minor edit - this will flag the edit as minor (see Help:Minor edits)
    • Watch this page - this will add the page into your watch list (if you are logged in)
    • Save page - will save the changes. Don't forget to do so after you finish editing the page! Otherwise all the changes will be lost.
    • Show preview - will show how the page will look like once saved. The editor window will still be visible at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to actually save the page once you finish editing it!
    • Show changes - will show changes (diff) between your text and current revision of the page. This is usefull when you forget what exactly have you changed.
    • Cancel - will simply sent you back to view mode of the current page. Nothing will be saved.

How to structure and format the text

To find out how to write the text see Help:Editing.

To find how to format your text and how to make it look nice, read further.

You should read Wikipedia's Manual of style which covers all aspects of writing good acticle. Because X-Wiki is not an encyclopedia, not everything may apply to you.

Here are some basics:

Article subject

When writing an arcticle about for example Space ship, begin it:
Space ship is a ship designed to operate in space...
Note that the name of the article is at the beginning of the very first sentence and it's in bold text. Often you cannot put the arcticle subject right in the beginning of the sentence, but it should be near the start - for example article about modding:
In games, modding reffers to...

How to choose article name

It should be the most common and correct term used when reffering to that subject. Names can include spaces and can be as long as needed, so don't use any shortcuts unless appropriate.

Often the correct name is long and often some abbreviated form is used. In such case create arcticle with it's correct name and create redirection page with the abbreviated name.


When you use some term for the first time, it sould be linked to an appropriate page where it's further discussed. However X-Wiki is not Wikipedia and only covers a very narrow area.

Everytime you use some term which is likely to be covered on X-Wiki, create a link to it. Create such link even such article does not yet exist. Later someone will create it and your article will be already linking to it.

You can always check Special:Wantedpages to see a list of links which point to nonexisting articles.

You don't have to create a link everytime you use the term. Only create the link when using it for the first time. Sometimes, when writing a long arcticle with a lot of sections, it's good practice to create the links again in every section, so the reader will not have to scroll and look for the link.

When creating links to X-Wiki namespace (such as X-Wiki:Help), write it as [[Project:Help]] - Project:Help. The project namespace always leads to correct location. If you write [[X-Wiki:Help]] instead, it will get broken when the name of this wiki will be changed.

Note: this example actually never gets broken, because it is using variables - see Variables on Meta-Wiki and view source code of this page if interested.


You should add any arcticle to one or more categories. It will surely fit to either Category:Modding or Category:Scripting. If not, or if you feel it should be categorized further, you are free to create a new category for your articles. Don't cerate a category unless you already have at least two articles to put into it.

Uncategorized articles can be viewed at Special:Uncategorizedpages.

Categories can be categorized as well - this will make them sub-categories of thei parent categories. Don't include an article to both a sub-category and its parent category.


When appropriate, you should provide links to external references of your arcticle and links to articles on X-Wiki which are somehow related to your article subject.

How to delete a page

Normal users cannot delete pages, only Project:Administrators can.

However you can flag a page for deletion by adding a Deletion template to the page:

ReasonUse template
Page is against X-Wiki Project:Policy or against Project:Copyrights{{qdel}}
You are the only author of the page and you wan't it deletedno template - contact administrators
You have moved the page and you want the redirect page deleted{{del_moved}}

Once you add the template to the page, it will be listed in Category:Pages for deletion and administrators will eventually delete it.

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