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Frequently asked questions about DBOX2:


Q - I don't know how to start the DBOX

  1. Start 3ds Max (or Gmax) and on the Command panel (the panel usually on the right side) select Utilities tab (the right most tab).
  2. Click on MAXScript button. A new rollout will appear.
  3. Open the Utilites combobox and select DBOX2. DBOX will start. Note that you must open the combobox and select the item even when the name DBOX2 is already there - that's bug in 3ds Max/Gmax.

This procedure is also described in readme.txt file which is part of DBOX2 installation.

Q - I'm using Gmax and nothing happens when I click the Export button

Read the nice manual which is part of DBOX installation. Click on Help link on DBOX2 panel (DBOX2 rollout).

To put it short: you will need some Gmax grabber like YAGG which will save the output for you.

Q - When opening .max scene file, I'm getting error "Error loading paramblock2"

Read this post on Egosoft: http://forum3.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1988861#1988861

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