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DBOX2 (doubleshadow's BOD exporter for X2) is program for exporting and importing of bodies and scenes. It is written in MaxScript and can work with 3D Studio Max or Gmax.


DBOX2's original name was BOD Importer. It was pretty much an unexpected project. All began when doubleshadow found BOD Converter - a script for importing BOD body files into 3DS Studio Max made by russian author Altor.

BOD Converter had one big flaw: when importing a body (ship) into 3D Studio Max, the size of the created object was not correct. This resulted in improper size of the model after it was exported into X2. The ship was simply either too small or too big compared to others.

Doubleshadow was able to find a possible solution to this, however he was not familiar with MaxScript nor with the overall concept of the BOD Converter. Furthermore because he was already familiar with BOD format (from his work on X2BC converter), he immediately saw several flaws in the way the BOD files were processed.

The first version of BOD Importer had precisely the same functionality as the BOD Converter had, with the exception that it was using the same parsing algorithm directly ported from X2BC source codes. This was an important improvement, as it allowed BOD Importer to read both scene and body files. However this solution had its price making the importing process very slow, which is especially noticeable when working with X3 models.


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