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This tutorial was converted from a HTML document and needs to be futher converted into wiki style.

Syntax and structure

things in <> are mandatory things in [] are optional/conditional

<component group><number of records> 
[body 1] 
[body 2] 


<body ID><number of records> 
[component 1] 
[component 2] 



Position and rotation is stored as floats ranging from -1.0 to +1.0

Position: The order is X Z Y (axis are world axis in 3ds max/gmax)

value of +1.0 means at the models bounds (in positive) value of 0 means at model geometric center value of -1.0 means at the models bounds (in negative)

The values are not in any units - they are just percentage of "something". The "something" is what I'm calling "major half-axis". You have to compute which axis of the model is the longest, then you divide it by 2 and you have the value.

Rotation - these values are always 0 (with 1 exception) and I believe that they are not used in reality because you cannot have the cockpit (or laser) rotated. That's because the exporter is doing something similar to "reset X-form" - i.e. there is no rotation part present in the models, just positions of their verts. But maybe this value is used in some way. Maybe you should be able to "rotate" the cockpit back.

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