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This is quick quide for people from Egosoft Scripting and Modding forum to find out how to write their articles.

This site is running MediaWiki - the same software which is used by Wikipedia. If you are familiar with it, you should be fine. If you are not, read our help pages.

How to categorize things on X-Wiki:

There are two main categories already created - Category:Scripting and Category:Modding. All your arcticles will probably fit into one of these categories (see Help:Editing to find out how to put an article into a category).

Read further for some specific instructions:


Authors of mods

Create a page about your mod. You can add images but be aware that no image related policy was created. You can upload images here, but X-Wiki is not an image hosting! Only upload essential images in reasonable (not too big and not too small) resolutions (the software will automatically create thumbnails once the image is placed in an article).

Put your pages in category Category:X2 mods or Category:X3 mods respectively (or in both if appropriate).

Categories are created automatically as soon as page is included into some category. Categories have their description pages and if no such page was created, the category link will stay red although it may already contain articles. Create some description in such case and put the category in Category:Modding.

Authors of scripts

Do the same as described above for your scripts. Put your articles into category Category:X2 scripts or Category:X3 scripts. If the category does not exist yet, create a descripton and put it into Category:Scripting.

Authors of programs

Put your articles into category Category:X2 programs or Category:X3 programs. You are lucky as both categories have been already stablished.

Probably because all the stuff was made by me ;)

All others

Look at Special:Wantedpages and Special:Wantedcategories to find out which pages and categories need to be wtritten. Or write about something else if you want (something related to our Project:Policy ;) ).

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