Beyond the Frontier

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Beyond the Frontier was the first X-Universe game.


Set in the year 2912, you take control of Kyle Brennan, an Earth test pilot for the X-Shuttle, better known as the X-Perimental Shuttle, which has the ability to jump from one part of space to another via a wormhole without the use of a jumpgate.

During the test jump, something goes wrong and Brennan ends up in an unknown part of space. He soon encounters an alien race, the Teladi, a highly capitalist, profit-focused culture. Finding Kyle helpless in their space, they repair his ship and loan him some money.The X Universe is a network of sectors linked by jumpgates stranded within this gate network With his jumpdrive destroyed, and no idea how to get back to Earth, Brennan finds himself alone and indebted to an alien race.

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