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This is list of basic policies that have been established for X-Wiki.

Editors are encouraged to obey them. Failure to do so will result in our administrators taking appropriate action, which could range from removing offending material, to banning a user from future contributions.

X-Wiki is focused on providing the information required to alter and/or extend the following games developed by Egosoft:

The information on this site generally falls into one of three categories; modding, scripting and general information.

Creating pages with different content may be considered as spamming. If in doubt, contact our administrators.



to be added once sorted out

Prohibited content

Creating pages or uploading files with abusive content such as pornography or linking to such web sites is prohibited.


Do not provide links to 3rd party web sites which are not related to scope of X-Wiki.

User page and User talk page

Every registered user has his or her own User page and Talk page.

Users are free to use their personal pages at their own discretion, provided that:

  • Pages will not contain or link to Prohibited content.
  • Pages will not be used for advertisement purposes.
  • Pages will not be linked from excessive numbers of external web sites.

Note that although User page is considered a personal page, standard X-Wiki editing policy apply even on this page. This page can be edited by other users.

See Project:User page for description how to use your User and Talk page.

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