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Structure of TAsteroids T file:

Field Description
0. Body file Body of the Asteroid
Template:Expr:0 + 1. Picture ID Not used
Template:Expr:0 + 2. Rotation X
Template:Expr:0 + 3. Rotation Y
Template:Expr:0 + 4. Rotation Z
Template:Expr:0 + 5. Galaxy subtype Not used
Template:Expr:0 + 6. Description String ID from Page 17 of text resource files
7. Scene file Scene containing the graphics of the object
8. Explosion Effect Index to Effects file
9. Part Explosion Effect Index to Effects file
10. Debris Map Cut ID
11. Volume
12. Production RelVal (NPC) Price for NPCs (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:12 + 1. Price modifier PRI Primary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:12 + 2. Price modifier SEC Secondary Price Modifier
Template:Expr:12 + 3. Ware class Class (size) of the object - affects which ships can carry it
Template:Expr:12 + 4. Production RelVal (player) Price for the player (it's not really a price)
Template:Expr:12 + 5. Min. Notoriety Minimal notoriety the player must have to be able to use this object
Template:Expr:12 + 6. Video ID Stream ID from Videos file containing the animation displayed in the Info screen
Template:Expr:12 + 7. Skin Index to Skins file
Template:Expr:12 + 8. Object ID Identifier of the object

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