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Redirection is a process where you request certain page and you are redirected to different page.



Redirection is very usefull when there are several names for a single subject. For example X2 and X2 - The Threat. Some times is better to use the short term and sometimes the full name. Because both term are common, it's benefical to create a redirect page from X2 page to X2 - The Threat.

When you access the redirection page, the final page will be served instead. The URL will not change but you will see a text:

 (Redirected from some link)

at the top of the page.

How to create a redirect

Redirection page is the same page as every other. Follow the quidelines to create a new page and put the following text inside:

 #REDIRECT [[page link]]

For example #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] will create redirection to Main Page.

Note that in preview, the code will be seen as:

  1. REDIRECT Main Page

Only when the page is saved, the code will be treated specially.

Do not create double redirects - i.e. a redirection to a page which itself is a redirection page. Always redirect a final page which contains the data.

You can see list of double redirects on X-Wiki at Special:DoubleRedirects.

How to edit a redirection page

Although the redirect page itself cannot be accessed (it will transfer you to the target), there are two ways how to edit it:

  • Click on the Redirected from... link at the top of the page where the redirect leads to. This will move you to the real redirect page and you can edit it as usuall.
  • You can also change the URL in your browser and add a redirect=no property, however this requires you to write the URL in the untrasformed form.

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