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This article is about writing content of a page. If you want to know how to create or edit pages, read Help:How to edit a page.

This site is using MediaWiki software which uses wiki markup to write pages. You can find exhaustive help at Wikipedia and Meta-Wiki:

You can also just look at source codes of existing pages and figure out the basics.

Below are some usefull informations which are easilly overlooked in big manuals:



Links are case sensitive with the exception of the first letter which is always capitalized due to technical restrictions. This means that link to modding and Modding will lead to the same place (because the first letter is forced to upper case). However X2 Editor and X2 editor will lead to different places because the "e" in editor will not be capitalized (it's not the first letter).

Pipe character

Pipe | character is used to separate link target from the link text:

[[Main Page]] will be displayed as Main Page, leading to the same location. [[Main Page|First page]] will be shown as First page, but it will still lead to the Main Page.

You can also use the pipe to hide certain elements from the link:

[[Help:Contents]] will point you to page Contents in namespace Help. If you want to hide the namespace prefix, put a pipe at the end of the link:

[[Help:Contents|]] will be displayed as Contents.

Pipe can also be used to hide part of link in parenthesis. Often there are two topics with the same name and they need to be distinguished. This is usually done by putting some additional information into paretnhesis. For example TShips file (X2) and TShips file (X3). However you may not want to display the part in parenthesis. To hide it, again put a pipe at the end like this:

[[TShips file (X3)|]] will be displayed as TShips file.

Putting additional characters to links

There is a special feature developed for the ease of writing in English: often you need to use plural form in the link text, but the page names are usually in singular.

Instead of having to write: This will convert all [[BOD file|BOD files]]... you can put the plural s directly after the link: This will convert all [[BOD file]]s...

It will be displayed as: This will convert all BOD files... - BOD files will be shown as link but it will lead to BOD file page.

Note that this is not limited to the letter s only. You may append as many characters as you want immediately after the link and they will be treated as part of the link.

Interwiki links

If you want to create link to other site - probably also wiki - you can use interwiki links.

To create an interwiki link to Wikipedia, use the prefix w: or Wikipedia: : [[w:Hello]] will be shown as w:Hello and it will point to page Hello on Wikipedia. Use the pipe technique to hide the prefix: [[w:Hello|]] will be shown as simple Hello.

To create an interwiki link to Meta-Wiki, use prefix m: or meta: : [[m:help:category]] will point to m:help:category page in Help namespace at Meta-Wiki.

To see the content of interwiki table look at Interwiki map at Meta-Wiki. Note that this wiki uses its own interwiki map, so not all links may work.

Note that interwiki links will always be displayed as known (blue) links regardless of whether they really exist.


Templates are something like functions or macros.

To use a template, put its name in curly brackets: {{stub}}

It will display text This arcticle is a stub... on the same place where the template is called in the source text. It will also put the page into Category:Stubs.

To see list of templates on this wiki, see Category:Templates.


Variables work very much like templates. They can be used to display current page name, time, number of pages and other informations.

See Variables on Meta-Wiki.


Pages can be put in categories.

Putting this [[Category:My test category]] in your text will put the page in category My test category. The link itself will not be visible - instead a new box called Categories will be displayed at the bottom of your page with list of all categories where your page belongs.

Category pages are automatic (unless configured differently). That means that their content is geneated automatically. However you can edit category page and put a description to it (this will also make the category known - blue).

Category page can be also categorized. Just put the category link into its description page.

If you want to make a standard link to a category (without puting the page itself into that category), prefix the link with colon : like this: [[:Category:Modding]] will be displayed as standard link Category:Modding pinting to category Modding.

To see list of categories on this wiki, use the Special page Special:Categories.

Table of contents (TOC)

Table of contents is displayed automatically when a page contains more then three headings.

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